The General

An Interview with Ehud Barak

Ehud Barak served as prime minister of Israel during some of its most hopeful and troubled recent years. He is no ordinary former head of state: he played a key role, both as a solider and later as a defense minister, in helping his nation survive the difficult years after its founding to become a regional power. But the current political landscape of his country has him deeply worried, with the lack of a healthy opposition to Netanyahu’s Likud-run government and a focus on the wants of politicians rather than the strategic needs of the nation. Here, he explains what Israel is getting wrong and how the conflict with the Palestinians might be resolved, and lays out the gravest existential threat his country faces.

Octavian Report: Are you optimistic at the moment about Israel and its prospects?

Ehud Barak: I’m optimistic. The situation’s very tough, but I tend to be optimistic. You know our late leader, Shimon Peres, used to say that he noticed optimists and …

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