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We’ve been fighting misinformation since before it was trendy by providing global experts with an unparalleled platform. Ian Bremmer on geopolitical risk. Adm. James Stavridis on NATO. Ehud Barak on Israel. Garry Kasparov on Putin. José María Aznar on the Atlantic alliance. That’s just a small sampling.

Our coverage is wide-ranging. What other publication offers in the same issue profound insights from George Shultz on the future of American power alongside a sophisticated analysis of Picasso’s Au Lapin Agile? Where else will you find Anne Applebaum‘s analysis of the Russian Revolution at 100 a few pages away from an interview with the world’s leading giraffe conservationist? We’ve written up the connections between quantum physics and the Kabbalah, profiled risks ranging from EMP threats to terrorism against cruise liners, and dived deep on historical questions like what made Leonardo da Vinci the ultimate Renaissance man and what modern leaders can learn from Napoleon and Caesar.

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