The Mind of Napoleon

Napoléon Bonaparte’s name is synonymous with military skill, the glories of victory, the building of empire and the bitterness of defeat. At the peak of his power, he oversaw an imperial domain spanning Europe and tens of millions of people with legendary efficiency and an almost pathological attention to detail.  While his personal virtues and vices fill volumes, best-selling historian Andrew Roberts argues that the real secret to his success may be an often-overlooked ability: his extraordinary ability to compartmentalize his thoughts and emotions and focus on the task at hand.  This quality, so critical for any executive, was at the heart of the Corsican’s spectacular rise and is a lesson for everyone seeking to get things done.

Napoleon Bonaparte was an extraordinarily effective chief executive, expert in creating and then leading one of the fastest-growing and territorially largest empires in modern European history. His leadership techniques, secrets of time-management, capacity for delegation, photographic memory, and sheer hard …

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