The Octavian 2021 Book List


Our picks for the books you need to read in 2022, featuring Fareed Zakaria, Dara Horn, BHL, Mario Vargas Llosa, and many others.

Why We Have to Adapt to Climate Change


Leading economist Matthew Kahn tells us why and how we can use incentives, tech, and revolutionary thinking to deal with the hotter future coming our way.

  Paul Romer on Why We Need $100 Billion for Testing

Testing Well

An Interview with Paul Romer


The Nobel-winning economist explains the ins and and outs of the massive testing program we need to keep COVID at bay and reopen.

The Octavian 2019 Holiday Book List


We are pleased to announce the Octavian 2019 holiday book List. The list makes great year-end reading wherever you may be — and great gifts, if you are still looking.

Game of Phones

By Emily de La Bruyere and Nathan Picarsic


The race to control 5G standards and hardware is a key part of Chinese geostrategy. Why doesn't America have anything similar in its toolkit?

Impostor Syndrome

Hany Farid on How to Fight the Threat of Deepfakes


The world's leading expert on digital forensics explains where deepfakes come from and how we can defeat them.