Looking East: The Future of Asia and Free Trade

An Interview with Charlene Barshefsky


The Trans-Pacific Partnership is going to change the world. Here, one of the foremost experts on global trade lays out the consequences.


Putin's Endgame

An Interview with Amb. Zvi Magen


The conflagration in the Ukraine showcases both the success and failure of Russia's larger geopolitical project.


Wealth Insurance: The Case for Owning Gold

An Interview with John Hathaway


Everyone should own gold, says a legendary investor in the metal: it has unique properties that allow it to backstop your money.

You Never Know: Approaching Iran

By Kenneth M. Pollack


The Middle East expert on what the U.S. does and does not know about rapprochement with Iran.

Water Security and Global Dynamics

An Analysis by Dee Smith


Human history is replete with examples of the devastating effects of the lack of water -- and we are still vulnerable.

Solar Flares and Electromagnetic Pulses

An Analysis by Dee Smith


Dick Cheney flagged EMP's and solar flares as significant risks. Intelligence expert Dee Smith explains how they work and how to protect yourself