The Octavian 2021 Book List


Our picks for the books you need to read in 2022, featuring Fareed Zakaria, Dara Horn, BHL, Mario Vargas Llosa, and many others.

How to Fight Vaccine Hesitancy


As the government pauses Johnson and Johnson doses, we spoke with Johns Hopkins professor Tara Kirk Sell about why vaccines are safe and how to beat vaccine hesitancy.

How Andrew Cuomo Mishandled COVID


We spoke with Dr. Joel Zinberg about how the governor's policies on COVID have been a disaster for New York's most vulnerable groups.

Will the Biden COVID Plan Work?


We spoke with public health expert Polly Price of Emory University School of Law about the strengths and weaknesses of the Biden COVID plan.

Can Donald Trump pardon himself?


Can Donald Trump pardon himself? Brian Kalt, a law professor at Michigan State, may have the answer to this bizarre question.

  Allan Lichtman on Why Trump Will Lose

All Over the Map

An Interview with Brett McGurk


The man who helped run the U.S. campaign against ISIS explains why Trump's incoherent foreign policy is dangerous and damaging to our interests.