Marci Shore on Ukraine and revolution in real time

Blood on the Streets

An Interview with Marci Shore


The events in Ukraine in the spring of 2014 provided a rare glimpse to the world of a European revolution as it happened.

How Trump and Tech Are Breaking Morality


The Trump presidency seems at times like one unending scandal. For this week's podcast, we spoke with Eden Collinsworth, the author of BEHAVING BADLY, to talk about the life -- and death -- of norms.

Why Solar Power Is Going to Hit a Wall


The quest for cheap, sustainable energy seems to lead inexorably to the sun. We spoke with CFR expert and Georgetown professor Varun Sivaram about his new book Taming The Sun and the future of solar.

Why the Death of Caesar Never Ended


Cornell's Barry Strauss, quite literally, wrote the book on the death of Caesar. We spoke with him about Roman politics and contemporary analogies for this week's podcast. 

Why The Renaissance Explains the Digital Age


Author Chris Kutarna believes that the key to understanding -- and flourishing -- in our chaotic modern era is to look back at the Renaissance, a period of tremendous upheaval but also an age in which tremendous human potential was unlocked. We spoke with Chris for this week's podcast.