Stick Your Neck Out

An Interview with Julian Fennessy


The world's leading giraffe expert discusses what we need to do to protect them.

  Photo of Jimmy Dean

Muppet Maestro

An Interview with Bryan Jay Jones


Jim Henson's greatness lay in his ability to speak at the same time to adults and children, the aesthetic and the commercial, the human and the artificial.

Rick Knowlton on Chess History


Chess: it's the game of kings. For millennia it has preoccupied some of the greatest minds, taught discipline and focus, and even inspired great art.

Da Vinci's Genome


Jesse Ausubel wants to understand the original Renaissance man by unlocking his genome. If he succeeds, it could revolutionize several fields in science and elsewhere.

  Jong Featured

Fear of Nothing

An Interview with Erica Jong


The legendary author and social critic takes on modern America.

The Da Vinci Code


We might be closer than ever to understanding what made the original Renaissance man such a genius.