Tragic Sense

How ancient tragedies can save modern politics


Charles Edel and Hal Brands' new book explains how Sophocles and Thucydides hold valuable lessons for contemporary politicians.

The Mathematics of Uncertainty


Uncertainty defines our era. For this week's podcast we spoke with a mathematician about how to understand the rules that govern it.

  Greg Lukianoff on freedom of speech and campus life

Unsafe Space

An Interview with Greg Lukianoff


The president and CEO of FIRE and co-author of The Coddling of the American Mind talks freedom of speech and how to save it.

  Tim Marshall on flags, maps, and border walls

Grand Old Flag

An Interview with Tim Marshall


The politics of flags are an integral part of the world. A journalist and historian explains.

Trial of the Century


One hundred and twenty five years ago, the now-infamous Dreyfus Affair began in France. Maurice Samuels explains why it's still relevant.

The Battle for Pluto


Pluto has been the subject of recent controversy, with scientists demoting it from plant to dwarf planet. Philip Metzger, a planetary physicist as the University of Central Florida, says this new classification is dead wrong.