Why We Should Be Worried About South Korea


For this week's podcast, we spoke with Scott Snyder -- senior fellow for Korea studies at the Council on Foreign Relations -- on what the North Korea situation looks like from South Korea.

Max Boot on Edward Lansdale and Vietnam


Edward Lansdale is truly a forgotten man in American history. Yet he once wielded enormous influence, and his methods and tactics hold valuable lessons for leaders today, argues best-selling historian Max Boot.

  Sharansky Featured

Freedom Fighter

An Interview with Natan Sharansky


The legendary human rights activist explains the failure of communal memory on the question of communism and what he sees ahead for Russia and the world.

  Elizabeth Economy on China and Xi

Life of the Party

An Interview with Elizabeth Economy


Xi Jinping has cemented himself as a leader at home and abroad. We spoke with a leading China expert about what to expect from his ambitious plans.

  Terzi Featured

Mediterranean Blues

An Interview with Amb. Giulio Terzi


Italy's former foreign minister speaks candidly about his country's domestic political problems and why Donald Trump is no Silvio Bersluconi.

Getting Europe Right

An Interview with Amb. Stuart Eizenstat


The world’s leading advocate for restitution discusses why they remain so critical and what’s ahead for the trans-Atlantic relationship.

  Baird Featured

Northern Insights

An Interview with John Baird


The former foreign minister of Canada talks trade, geopolitics, and what the future of North American power looks like in the age of Trump.