Glass Half Full


One of the greatest modern political leaders explains what COVID means for the political and economic shape of the future.

  Michael Abramowitz on freedom and COVID

The (Not So) Free World

An Interview with Michael Abramowitz


The Freedom House director takes a hard look at the state of civil rights and the rule of law around the world -- the U.S. not exempted.

Squeeze Play

by Emily de La Bruyère


China's is making a soft-power play around its creditors in the midst of the COVID pandemic.

  Yohanan Plesner on Netanyahu and Gantz


An Interview with Yohanan Plesner


A former cabinet minister and Knesset member and current head of the Israel Democracy Institute talks about the political situation in Israel.

The Truth About China and COVID


We spoke with Andreas Fulda about the truth about China's internal response to COVID and what it meant for the rest of the world.