What Will Mohammad Bin Salman Do Next?


The Saudi Crown Prince is consolidating power with possibly destabilizing results. We spoke with noted Saudi Arabia expert F. Gregory Gause III about what's ahead for the Kingdom.

Cracking the da Vinci code


The victory of the Bolsheviks in the October Revolution happened 100 years ago last week. Pulitzer Prize winner Anne Applebaum explains the how and why.

Why the Myanmar Rohingya Crisis Helps ISIS


Myanmar's Rohingya people are fleeing the country by the hundreds of thousands, creating a humanitarian catastrophe that some international authorities are calling the result of ethnic cleansing.

What King Salman Is Thinking


As Saudi Arabia undergoes apparent political purges, take a look at this excellent primer on the mind of King Salman and his designated successor Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Why You Should be Worried About Turkey


Today is the 95th anniversary of the abdication of Mehmed the Sixth, the last Ottoman emperor. The fall of that empire paved the way, of course, for the rise of Mustafa Kemal and the eventual formation of the Turkish Republic.

  stav featured

Full Speed Ahead

An Interview with Admiral James Stavridis


A leading commander on NATO, our fleet, and the next big threat in asymmetric warfare.

  applebaum featured

Specter of 1917

An Interview with Anne Applebaum


A leading historian takes on the October Revolution at 100.

  Danin featured

Nation in Waiting

An Interview with Robert Danin


Fog surrounds the next big inevitability in Palestinian politics: the exit of Mahmoud Abbas.