Manuel Valls on the challenges facing France

French Connection

An Interview with Manuel Valls


The former French prime minister lays out his strategic vision.

  Eden Collinsworth on shifting moral values east and west

Morality (in) Play

An Interview with Eden Collinsworth


An expert shares her fields notes on how moral values are changing around the world.

  Bernard-Henri Lévy on getting justice for the Kurds

Nation Building

An Interview with Bernard-Henri Lévy


A prominent French intellectual explains his next big activist project.

  Joshua Kurlantzick on the Malaysia election

Shock Poll

An Interview with Joshua Kurlantzick


What to look for as Malaysia's political turmoil continues.

  Jan-Werner Müller on populism, democracy, and Trump


An Interview with Jan-Werner Müller


This Princeton professor quite literally wrote the book on modern populism. We spoke with him about the real menace this political phenomenon presents.

  Harold Trinkunas on Maduro, Chávez, and Venezuela

Weakest Strongman

An Interview with Harold Trinkunas


Venezuela's president faces an unprecedented crisis.


Greg Allen on the AI arms race


The future of AI warfare is now.

Why There Is No Immigration Crisis


We spoke with Andrew Selee, the president of the Migration Policy Institute, to talk about the political, economic, and social forces driving migration to the U.S. and where things go from here.

What Is Going on In Spain?


Spain's former national security advisor Rafael Bardaji explains it all for you in this week's podcast.

How to Understand the Iraqi Elections


We spoke with Iraq expert and author of The Unraveling Emma Sky about what al-Sadr's victory means and how the Iraqi political landscape is shifting.