The Octavian 2021 Book List


Our picks for the books you need to read in 2022, featuring Fareed Zakaria, Dara Horn, BHL, Mario Vargas Llosa, and many others.

Do COVID Lockdowns Work?


We asked a leading scholar and co-author of a study of pandemic data how effective lockdowns actually are.

  Mervyn King on radical uncertainty

Full of Passionate Intensity

An Interview with Sir Mervyn King


The former Governor of the Bank of England talks about why our obsession with modeling and quantifying brings with it systemic risks.

  Adam Tooze on the COVID economy

The New New Economy

An Interview with Adam Tooze


A leading historian lays out the economic transformation COVID has wrought, and why it carries global risks.

Adam Tooze on the COVID Economy


We spoke with Adam Tooze, professor at Columbia University and the author of Crashed, about the COVID economy and if it's permanent.

Mervyn King's Radical Uncertainty


Our latest episode features former BoE governor Mervyn King talking about his new book, Radical Uncertainty -- and how rejecting certainties can save us.