How To Make Your Old Age Your Best Years Yet

Louise Aronson, geriatrician and writer, talks about her new book Elderhood.


Old age: how should we think about it? Geriatrician and writer Louise Aronson talks about her new book Elderhood and what makes our later years good.

The $60 Million Cézanne Heist


Paul Cézanne's Boulloire et Fruits just sold for $60 million. This week's podcast tells the story of the painting's theft and recovery.

  Madeline Miller on Circe, Aeneas, Homer, and Virgil


An Interview with Madeline Miller


The bestselling author of Circe and The Song of Achilles explains how she fell in love with Homer and the world created in the epics.

Why The Fight for Ideas Is Important


Charles Krauthammer died last summer. We spoke for this week's podcast to his son Daniel about his final book, The Point of It All, and his lasting legacy.

Trial of the Century


One hundred and twenty five years ago, the now-infamous Dreyfus Affair began in France. Maurice Samuels explains why it's still relevant.

Love Hate Relationship


The Oscar-winning screenwriter (and novelist, critic, and classicist) Frederic Raphael talks about why Catullus is the poet to read if you crave difficulty.

Ivory Tower Blues


A journalist fights a campaign to protect the most important freedom.