Trump vs. the 25th Amendment


A drafter of the 25th Amendment talks Donald Trump, American politics, the midterms, Mueller, and the Equal Rights Amendment.

  Andrew and Grace Forrest on ending modern slavery

Breaking the Chain

An Interview with Andrew and Grace Forrest


Modern slavery is a global problem. Andrew Forrest's Walk Free Foundation plans to end it forever.

  William Kristol on how to fix American politics

A New Hope?

An Interview with William Kristol


The well-known analyst and commentator sees some hope for our political life.

  Bret Stephens on gun control after Parkland

Amending the Second

An Interview with Bret Stephens


We spoke with the Pulitzer-winning New York Times columnist about the way forward after Parkland.

  Victor Sebestyen on Lenin, Russia, and revolution

Red Giant

An Interview with Victor Sebestyen


The story of how Lenin became Lenin forms a major theme in Sebestyen's essential new biography of the man.

Why the Death of Caesar Never Ended


Cornell's Barry Strauss, quite literally, wrote the book on the death of Caesar. We spoke with him about Roman politics and contemporary analogies for this week's podcast.