Why Ransomware is the Wave of the Future

Why Ransomware Is the Wave of the Future

Biden and Putin’s meeting in Geneva — the first between the two leaders — has near the top of its agenda the question of cyber weapons. The everyday reality of cyber attacks was driven forcefully home for Americans by the¬†recent ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline — the largest pipeline system for refined petroleum products in the U.S. That the payment of the ransom was made in bitcoin, and that the recovery of some of said bitcoin happened days later, only points out how new tech is shaping every facet of life and policy.

To find out what all this means moving forward, for our latest episode we spoke to April Doss. Professor Doss is Executive Director of the Institute for Technology Law and Policy at Georgetown Law; previously she served as senior minority counsel for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence’s Russia investigation and worked for over a decade at the National Security Agency on issues including data analytics oversight, information sharing, and foreign relations. She is also of the book Cyberprivacy: Who Has Your Data and Why You Should Care, available now.