What Is Going On With COVID Booster Shots?

Will We Need COVID Booster Shots?

Today, President Biden is hosting a virtual COVID summit about the U.S. and global effort against the pandemic. This comes after a new wrinkle appeared in the U.S. vaccination campaign, one centered around booster shots. The White House has announced a booster shot campaign. An FDA advisory panel has not recommended them for general use. The NIH has hinted that they nonetheless expect to see them in wider use; the CDC’s judgment is still to come; various pharma companies are now touting improved vaccine efficacy with booster doses. We spoke with Dr. Monica Gandhi to help you understand all this confusion. Dr. Gandhi is an infectious disease expert and professor of medicine at UCSF, and previously came on the show to discuss why booster shots are likely unnecessary for most people. And while you’re here, don’t forget to subscribe to our new newsletter on Substack, WHY THE CLASSICS?, hitting inboxes every Thursday. Subscribe today and you’ll never miss our latest issue.