Why The Renaissance Explains the Digital Age


Why the Renaissance explains everything about the digital age, with Chris Kutarna

By almost all objective measurements, now is the best time in human history to be alive. So why are we all so convinced of the opposite, i.e. that we are living through a period of unprecedented misery and suffering while the world falls apart around us? The recent book AGE OF DISCOVERY argues that we need to look to another time of great social, political, and intellectual upheaval as a guide and map to understand our own era. Author Chris Kutarna believes that the key to understanding — and flourishing — in our chaotic modern era is to look back at the Renaissance, an age in which tremendous human potential was unlocked. We spoke with Chris for this week’s podcast about his book, his vision of the future, and his plan for how we can amplify the tremendous success we are enjoying.


About Chris Kutarna

Chris Kutarna is co-author of Age of Discovery: Navigating the Storms of Our Second Renaissance, a best-selling, internationally acclaimed book published by Bloomsbury and St Martin’s Press. Among other predictions, Chris publicly foresaw the outcome of the United Kingdom’s 2016 referendum on EU membership (Brexit) and the 2016 election of Donald Trump as President of the United States.

His forthcoming books, How to Beat Trump (Fall/Winter 2018) and Blue: China’s Other Color (Summer 2019), continue to draw the maps we need to navigate the new world we’re already in. The New World (Fall/Winter 2019) will be an atlas to the future.

Chris’ mental map-making skills and clarifying speech are frequently sought-after by TV, radio, print and social media on four continents. His essays appear everywhere from The Guardian to TIME Magazine to Vogue. His weekly letters, addressed to the chief cartographers of the 21st century, are deemed required Sunday reading by some of the world’s smartest people and boldest explorers.