The Battle for Pluto

Pluto has been the subject of recent controversy, with scientists demoting it from plant to dwarf planet. Philip Metzger, a planetary physicist as the University of Central Florida, says this new classification is dead wrong.

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Henri J. Barkey on the Turkish Crisis

Turkey is facing an economic crisis — its lira has fallen almost 40 percent this year — and its relations with the U.S. are under severe strain, with gunfire near the American embassy on Monday and a diplomatic battle over detained pastor Andrew Brunson at a very public, bitter impasse. To get a sense of what all this might mean, we spoke with Henri J. Barkey, Cohen Professor of International Relations at Lehigh...

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The events in Ukraine in the late winter and spring of 2014 provided a rare glimpse of a European revolution in real time. On the scene was Yale professor Marci Shore, an intellectual historian with deep connections to the Ukraine and its fighters for liberal democracy. From her personal encounter with the Maidan came a new book, The Ukrainian Night. We spoke to Shore about Ukraine’s struggle for autonomy and its internal battles, as...

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