Ehud Barak on Israel and the Middle East
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The General

An Interview with Ehud Barak


Ehud Barak lays out the gravest existential threat his country faces.
  A Hertz Global Holdings Inc. Location As Earnings Figures Are Released
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Credit Where It's Due

An Interview with Boaz Weinstein


A renowned credit trader shares his thinking on how to take advantage of historically low levels of volatility.
  Bremmer FEATURED
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Risky Business

An Interview with Ian Bremmer


There's no greater expert on political risk than Ian Bremmer: he helped invent the concept. Here, he talks Trump, Russia, North Korea, and our grim new global order.
  Guttenberg FEATURED
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Centrifugal Force

An Interview with Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg


After Trump, whither Europe? Is Merkel really the leader of the free world now?
  Garrett FEATURED

Bug Out

An Interview with Laurie Garrett


The Pulitzer Prize winning journalist explains why a world where antibiotics don't work any more might already be on its way.
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Trouble in Paradise

A zero-downside Caribbean currency short


White-sand beaches? Check. Blue-green waters? Check. Intriguing investment opportunity? Check.
  Jong Featured

Fear of Nothing

An Interview with Erica Jong


The legendary author and social critic takes on modern America.

The Da Vinci Code


We might be closer than ever to understanding what made the original Renaissance man such a genius.

As Time Goes By


The classic film (that almost wasn't) about refugees, war, and moral courage speaks to us even more strongly now as it celebrates its 75th anniversary.
Great Works

Life During Wartime

By Elliot Ackerman


Xenophon's classic remembrance of the Persian campaign holds disturbing lessons for modern America.