Glass Half Full


One of the greatest modern political leaders explains what COVID means for the political and economic shape of the future.

  Mervyn King on radical uncertainty

Full of Passionate Intensity

An Interview with Sir Mervyn King


The former Governor of the Bank of England talks about why our obsession with modeling and quantifying brings with it systemic risks.

  Laura Marris on Camus and The Plague

Self-Healed Physician

An interview with Laura Marris


A translator on why Camus and his novel of plague speak to us in this dark moment.

  Andrew Roberts on Churchill vs. the Spanish Flu


An Interview with Andrew Roberts


The best-selling historian shows us that real leadership, like Churchill's, does matter in times of crisis.

  James Shapiro on Shakespeare's Plague Years

A Pox on All Our Houses

An Interview with James Shapiro


The leading Shakespeare scholar examines the playwright's difficult and dark relationship with the plague that devastated his nation.

  Tom Holland on the Plague at Athens

Feverish City

An Interview with Tom Holland


The best-selling historian take a look at a pandemic that changed the course of ancient history.

  John Barry on the Spanish Flu

The Pale Horse

An Interview with John Barry


The award-winning historian explains why the Spanish Flu did so much damage and what we can learn from it as we move through the COVID crisis.

  Adam Tooze on the COVID economy

The New New Economy

An Interview with Adam Tooze


A leading historian lays out the economic transformation COVID has wrought, and why it carries global risks.

  Mark Braude on Napoleon's Quarantine on Elba

The Emperor's New Digs

An Interview with Mark Braude


The man who reshaped Europe spent a long time in isolation, with results that no-one predicted.

Don't Know Much

An Interview with David Dunning


The eminent psychology professor and co-discoverer of the Dunning-Kruger Effect on what we know, what we don't, and what we don't know we don't know.