Bernard-Henri Lévy

Bernard-Henri Lévy

Author and Philosopher

Bernard-Henri Lévy is a French philosopher, filmmaker, activist and the author of over 30 books, including works of philosophy, fiction, and biography. Some examples include: The Empire and the Five Kings (2019), The Genius of Judaism (2017), American VertigoTraveling America in the Footsteps of Tocqueville (2006), Left in Dark Times: A Stand Against the New Barbarism (2008), and, with Michel Houellebecq, Public Enemies: Dueling Writers Take on Each Other and the World (2011).

In 2016, Lévy’s documentary, Peshmerga, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. Filmed in 2015 along the thousand-kilometer front separating the Iraqi Kurds from the forces of the Islamic State, Peshmerga was the centerpiece of the New York Jewish Film Festival in January 2017. Lévy’s second documentary on Kurdistan, The Battle of Mosul, explored the fight to re-take the city of Mosul from the Islamic State and premiered in Europe in March 2017. Earlier documentaries include The Oath of Tobruk (2012) and Bosna! (1994).

In Spring 2019, Lévy toured twenty theatres of Europe with his one-man show ‘Looking for Europe’. The play was a call of alarm and resistance against the rise of fascism and populism facing the continent. The play was also performed in November 2018, at The Public Theater in New York and in London as “Last Exit Before Brexit.”

Lévy is a columnist for The Wall Street JournalThe New York TimesForeign Policy, Vanity FairCNN, Tablet Magazine, The World Post, The Huffington Post, Le PointLa StampaEl País, The WorldPost and others.

Lévy is co-founder of the antiracist group SOS Racisme. He has served on diplomatic missions for the French government.