An Interview with Garry Kasparov


The greatest chess player in history brings his analytical powers to bear on on Russia, the U.S., and the global leadership vacuum.


New Frontiers

An Interview with Jim Rogers


The legendary investor explains how catastrophe equals opportunity — and why he's big on North Korean agriculture.

Hard Road Ahead

By Dee Smith


Our contemporary utopians cheer driverless car technology. But like all powerful innovations, this one brings with it serious risks.

Hidden Value


The long swoon afflicting commodities may be reaching a normalization point. Should that happen, this belting and polymer company could benefit hugely.


The Big Bang and the Kabbalah

An Interview with Howard Smith


What do the physics of modern cosmology and esoteric Jewish thought have to say to each other? A lot more than you'd imagine.

Soft Power

By Max Boot


Edward Lansdale was a legendary intelligence officer — and the secret of his success is something every leader can learn from.

Immortal Bird

By Guy Jennings


A noted art historian explains the mythic and modern urges behind the iconic sculpture.