The Political Chessboard and the Prospects for Trade

An Interview with the Honorable Mickey Kantor

Mickey Kantor has been at the center of both Democratic Party politics and free trade for decades.  As campaign manager, Kantor ran the legendary 1992 Clinton-Gore campaign, and then served in the administration as United States Trade Representative, where he negotiated NAFTA, and as Secretary of Commerce. In an exclusive interview with The Octavian Report, Kantor offers his predictions about the midterm and next Presidential election, his views of the current major pending free trade agreements and his thoughts on the Asian diplomatic and economic landscape. 




The Race for the Presidency. Mickey Kantor

The Octavian Report: Let’s start with politics.  Looking ahead to 2016, how do you see the Republican presidential field?

Mickey Kantor: Well, not many Republicans call me to give me information as to …

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