The Outlook for Geopolitics and Global Security

An Interview with Dick Cheney

Few Americans have had more of an impact on our life and times that Vice President Dick Cheney. At the center of power for decades, Cheney was instrumental in many of the country’s most important policy decisions and continues to arouse strong feelings to this day.  Universally acknowledged as one of the most intelligent and informed statesmen to have held office, even by those who disagree with him, Vice President Cheney spent an exclusive two hours in a wide ranging discussion with The Octavian Report to talk about his current views on the world and the greatest risks he currently sees facing America. Cheney discusses his concerns about Iran and North Korea, emerging terrorist threats, Obama’s foreign policy, and, with a notable prescience considering our conversation took place prior to the explosion of ISIS, about the deteriorating outlook in the Middle East.

The Rising Global Risks and American Policies

The Octavian Report: If you look out over the next ten years, what do you think are the mosat significant threats for the United States and the Western World?

Vice President Cheney: Well, I remain …

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