The Historian

An Interview with Thomas Kaplan

Perhaps no other asset inspires as much strong emotion, often negative, as gold, which has been a store of value for five thousand years. And gold has perhaps no greater advocate than Thomas Kaplan, investor, historian, billionaire, and among the metal’s most articulate spokesmen, a man known for making over one hundred times his money more than once as an owner and builder of world-class commodity assets. While the markets for other assets have levitated against a backdrop of money-printing, a recently frustrated band of gold bulls and contrarians has sought value in a much-unloved sector. In an exclusive interview with The Octavian Report, Kaplan explains his enthusiasm for gold, why his conviction has never been higher, and why his flagship gold asset, NYSE-listed NovaGold, is an extraordinary opportunity. To read our own analysis of NovaGold, please click here.

Octavian Report: You’re one of the gold sector’s most ardent proponents. In a world that seems to want to punish gold bulls, how does it feel being a contrarian?

Thomas Kaplan: While I’ve taken positions on occasion that are contrary — sometimes …

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