The Drachma and the Euro: Greece 2015

An Interview with Daniel Speckhard

Elections at the start of 2015 propelled the left-wing Syriza party into power in Greece, a group that campaigned on opposition to the austerity regime stipulated for Greece by its creditors as part of its bailout several years ago. Former U.S. ambassador to Greece Daniel Speckhard explains to The Octavian Report in an in-depth briefing the political and economic dynamic in Greece, the challenges facing the government, and offers a sobering view of the looming possibility of a Greek exit from the euro.

Octavian Report: How do you see the crisis in Greece playing out? Do you think it ultimately ends with Greece leaving the euro?

Daniel Speckhard: A year ago I was predicting a 20-25% chance of a Greek exit. Now I …

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