On the Precipice: Marc Faber and the Central Banking Fiasco

An interview with Marc Faber

For over forty years, Dr. Marc Faber has been one of the most brilliant observers of and participants in markets globally, never afraid of speaking his often contrarian mind clearly and with great humor. After receiving his PhD at the age of twenty-seven, the Swiss economist moved to Asia but remains a globe-trotting citizen of the world. In an exclusive interview with The Octavian Report, the editor of The Gloom, Boom, and Doom Report shared his views on global markets, the central banking bubble, value in gold, Russia and Iraq, and his concerns about the system.

Octavian Report: Marc, you’ve been outspoken that you’d love to short central banks if you could. When do you think we will see a turning point in people’s confidence in them, as you have predicted?

Dr. Marc Faber: It surprises …

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