July 29 Conference Call with Rafael Bardaji


On Wednesday, July 29, we hosted our fourth Octavian Forum conference call, featuring Octavian Report contributor, Middle East expert, and former Spanish national security advisor Rafael Bardaji. You can listen to a replay of the call by clicking on the player above. If you'd like access to other Octavian Forum experts or would like to be included on future calls as a subscriber, please click here.

Bardaji analyzed what the rising political insurgencies and extremism from the left and the right across Europe mean for the E.U.'s broader project, with a particular emphasis on Spain's "neo-bolsheviks" Podemos, as well as what the U.S. nuclear deal with Iran might mean. He is currently an advisor to the Special Operation Forces HQ at NATO, as well as as the Director for Foreign Policy at the FAES Foundation in Madrid and a member of the Atlantic Council.