Northern Insights

An Interview with John Baird

OR: What is the current temperature of that in Canada? What's the current view of the War on Terror?

Baird: I think, politically, Israel enjoys broad support among the Conservative party and large segments of the Liberal party. Obviously, the Left is not as supportive, and that's a problem. We do see political correctness and anti-Israel sentiment popping up here and there. It is a concern. With respect to the War on Terror, I think there's huge fatigue on it, and people have got to recognize that. My grandfather fought in the Second World War, and then stayed in the Canadian armed forces for 25 years. The great struggles of his generation were fascism and then communism. Now, fascism was defeated in six years but communism took a generation. The fight against terrorism has been the great struggle of our generation. It's not going to be ended on a single battlefield. It's going to be a constant struggle.