Wise Man

An Interview with George Shultz

The peace and prosperity America enjoyed in the postwar years did not arise by chance. They came about through the concerted efforts of individuals, working tirelessly in the service of their countries and overcoming unthinkable obstacles in the process. One of these people was George P. Shultz, who served in government at the highest levels under two administrations and, as Ronald Reagan’s Secretary of State, was instrumental in bringing the Cold War to a peaceful end. As new geopolitical threats loom, we spoke with Shultz about what we need to do to secure our future at home and abroad, and why the specter of nuclear war may be raising its head once again.

Octavian Report: What does the election of Donald Trump mean for global security?

George P. Shultz: Well, let’s start with the nuclear realm. Under President Reagan, who thought nuclear weapons should be reduced and gotten rid of, we worked with …

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