An Interview with Garry Kasparov

Garry Kasparov has lived enough for two lifetimes. Regarded by many as the greatest chess player in history, Kasparov is also a leading human rights activist and political advocate for greater freedom in his native Russia and around the world. In the interview below, he explains why Vladimir Putin is not a chessmaster but a poker player, what the retrenchment of the U.S. means for the world, why Donald Trump is the worst outcome imaginable of the 2016 election, and why democracies will always enjoy a strategic advantage (if they can stay the course as democracies).

Octavian Report: Where do you see American politics headed in the near term?

Garry Kasparov: I have a strong feeling that after this election cycle, we may go through the process of renaming our political parties. I’m a strong believer …

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