Morality (in) Play

An Interview with Eden Collinsworth

In all fairness, I do think that the American press has absolutely stepped forward and is now on point. That, I think, will help a great deal because it holds everyone accountable, including the voting public. I have great faith in the American system and its checks and balances on political power. I think it would be an absolute disaster if Trump fires Mueller because it will absolutely force a constitutional crisis. I'm not entirely convinced that the House Republicans will do the right thing.

Everyone knows what the right thing is. I don't care what party you're from. Morality is something fairly fundamental. You know when you're ignoring it or you've chosen to do something else that's more profitable.

OR: How do you see these big shifts playing out in the medium and long term in America?

Collinsworth: That depends upon our leadership. It doesn't take much if there is a strong leader with an ethical sense who's astute and also is not isolating himself or herself and the nation. It just takes one good, strong leader who inevitably surrounds himself or herself with other moral, acutely intelligent, experienced people.

The good news for Americans is that you can vote somebody out of office every four years. That is a great lifeline. We'll see what happens.

OR: Are there shining counterexamples to the trends you’ve outlined?

Collinsworth: I think that Americans are utterly decent, given the opportunity. They are moderate. If you ask somebody, regardless of where they live, what they feel about gay marriage or abortion, for the most part they gravitate towards the middle ground. I think that fundamentally, when given the opportunity, Americans are sensible people and they also are generous.

I have borne witness now to so many terrorist attacks because I move around so much. I was in London when there was an attack on Westminster Bridge. It was both horrifying and it also gave me great hope because of what happened in the immediate aftermath. In the middle of a chaotic London rush hour, huge signs were put up above the turnstiles in the Tube wherever they could install them as quickly as they could.

The signs simply read: Not them, only us.

That was all that needed. That was an incredibly human, decent, moral reaction to a hideous, immoral act of violence. So I have great faith, still, in people.