Rocket Man

An Interview with Ed Lu

Ed Lu lived out the childhood dreams of many when he became, in the middle of his scientific career, an astronaut. His life among the stars included shuttle flights and a stint aboard the International Space Station (where he performed a card trick in space with magician James Randi). He now co-heads the B612 Foundation, a non-profit which takes its name from the home planetoid of the Little Prince. B612 is currently leading the human effort to defend the Earth against the threat of asteroids. In his interview with The Octavian Report, Lu explains the nature of this threat — and the solution to it that lies within our reach, should we muster the will and resources to achieve it.

Octavian Report: Can you tell us how you came to be an astronaut?

Ed Lu: I am an electrical engineer and a physicist by training. I was working as a scientist, sent in an application to NASA, and was accepted. …

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