The Miracle Cure? Kite Pharma and the Immunotherapy Revolution

An Interview with Arie Belldegrun

The cutting-edge concept in oncology is immunotherapy: treatments that use the power of the human immune system to defeat cancer without the side effects of other therapies and aim to cure, rather than fend off, the disease. Immunotheraopy is also one of biotech and pharma’s hottest areas and at the center is Dr. Arie Belldegrun, physician, professor, serial entrepreneur, and the CEO of NASDAQ listed Kite Pharma, now preparing to bring to market the next generation products.  In an exclusive interview with The Octavian Report, Dr. Belldegrun explains the science behind what could be the greatest advance in medicine in decades and the opportunity for investors.

Octavian Report: Could you lay out in basic terms for an intelligent layperson how immunotherapy works on cancer, and why it’s different from previous treatments.

Arie Belldegrun: First, I have three decades of immunotherapy experience. It’s not something new. Now, …

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