Rewarding Risk

An Interview with Ari Bergmann

Predicting change is hard; predicting it and making money off of your prognostication still harder. But Ari Bergmann, founder of Penso Capital and one of the leading minds in the world of derivatives trading and a recognized authority on risk — he’s an expert on the Talmud, to boot — has refined it into something between a science and an art. In his exclusive interview with The Octavian Report, he talks about the financial earthquake brewing around China, how to look at the oil market, and why Brazil might be headed toward default.

Octavian Report: Can you explain what it is you do at Penso, and how you see that working for investors?

Ari Bergmann: At Penso, our focus is derivatives, macro-strategies, and convexity. Which means we look at the world to find opportunities with …

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