Breaking the Chain

An Interview with Andrew and Grace Forrest

OR: What can the average concerned citizen do in this fight?

Andrew Forrest: The average citizen can make an enormous difference; in fact, they are the source of the resolution. If one brand, for example, really has no active campaign that the goods don't have modern slavery fingerprints all over them, then consumers might go to another. The question “Can you tell me where these goods are made? Do you know if there is any modern slavery in this good?” is a massively powerful question. If that can't be answered confidently, then you go to the shop next door.

Grace Forrest: The reason why luxury goods are on the front cover of our report this year is because we are debunking the myth that just because something is more expensive means it's ethical. Many big groups are actually doing a lot to look at their supply chains. Unless there is a statement on their website, or something around their brand to empower people and not hurt them through the production process, then I think you can make the assumption that this is not a good place to put your money