Britain's Long Goodbye?

An Interview with Anand Menon

As the United Kingdom prepares for what could be a historic referendum on its E.U. membership in June, pressing questions abound. A vote to leave — however unlikely polling suggests it is — would bring with it a host of unknowns. These range from the potentially disastrous effect of a so-called Brexit on England’s economy to a widepsread erosion of confidence in the E.U. Anand Menon, a leading authority on U.K.-E.U. relations, games out some of the likely consequences. These extend far beyond Europe.


Octavian Report: How likely do you think a U.K. vote to exit the E.U. is in June?

Anand Menon: I think the odds are against it, in both senses. One, if you go to the bookmakers, the odds are …

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