Greatest War

Tom Holland and Graham Allison


Two thinkers take on Thucydides and what he can -- or can't -- teach leaders today

The King and Us


Cyrus II did protect his subjects' rights -- but not for the reason you may think.

Bad Bet


Eisenhower may have been one of the most brilliant generals in modern history, but when it came to the Middle East -- graveyard of many a reputation -- his foresight failed him.

High Flier

By Marc Wortman


Robert Lovett helped forge geostrategic order after the Second World War. Marc Wortman explains what modern leaders can learn from him.

  Cass Sunstein on Star Wars

Tour de Force

An Interview with Cass Sunstein


Star Wars: what can it teach us about leadership? The eminent legal scholar investigates and finds that it has a lot to offer leaders in the real world.

Soft Power

By Max Boot


Edward Lansdale was a legendary intelligence officer — and the secret of his success is something every leader can learn from.

A Star Is Born

By Tom Holland


Rome's first emperor was a master of political theater.

Ellsworth Kelly, the Last Modernist

By Richard Hurowitz


The quintessentially American artist took the modernist tradition of the Continent and made it his own.