Power Play


Lithium powers the tech-saturated life we all lead. The future of innovation depends on it.

Tectonic Shift


Few investors know the Byzantine world of European holding companies as well as Evermore Global Advisors’ David Marcus.

The Elephants in the Room


Investing in media can bring value seekers a lot of smoke and mirrors. But we see an intriguing opportunity in Africa.

Hidden Value


The long swoon afflicting commodities may be reaching a normalization point. Should that happen, this belting and polymer company could benefit hugely.

The Turning Tide


Dry bulk shipping is in dire straits. But this pure play on the sector is poised to benefit from a turnaround.


Wealth Insurance: The Case for Owning Gold

An Interview with John Hathaway


Everyone should own gold, says a legendary investor in the metal: it has unique properties that allow it to backstop your money.