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We have interviewed veteran policy mind Elliott Abrams on the Middle East, former U.K. Ambassador to the U.S. Sir Christopher Meyer on tensions in the E.U., legendary hotelier Jim Sherwood on the secrets of true luxury, CFR president Dr. Richard N. Haass on America’s foreign-policy paradox, Alexander Downer, Australia’s longest-serving foreign minister, on national security and trade in the Asia-Pacific region, reveolutionary derivatives trader and strategist Ari Bergmann on how to hedge China, and former national security advisor John Hannah on the Kurds’ fight for statehood and the fragility of Turkey. We have featured content from luminaries such as Vice President Dick Cheney, Spanish Prime Minister José Maria Aznar, renowned economist Dr. Nouriel Roubini, famed market observer Jim Grant, commodities guru Dr. Thomas Kaplan, Middle East envoy Ambassador Dennis Ross, former Ambassador to Greece Daniel Speckhard, legendary investor Dr. Marc Faber, bestselling historians David Nasaw and Andrew Roberts, and geopolitical experts Steven A. Cook, Alyssa Ayres, and Kenneth M. Pollack.

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